Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Taking Flight

So I thought I'd share some of the drawings I've done recently:

I started by drawing this dragon, taking inspiration from an illustration that I came upon somewhere on the internet, but I think the back legs look like kangaroo legs.

Here is dragon pic #2. I think I definitely improved with this one, but as a friend rightly pointed out, the proportions are still a bit out on the hind legs.

Dragon pic #3! I liked his one a lot, especially how the wings were attached to the body by skin.

Last dragon picture! This is my fave one so far, I liked the scales, as well  as the all over posture and darkness of it.

Here are two of me just experimenting with form, just a few rough sketches that took all of about 5 minutes each.

I was quite chuffed with these ones here, I did the one of the two people kissing first as further experimentation with form, but then I did the two next to that one to look more in depth at hair styles.

So this one isn't exactly recent, it's actually about a year or so old, but I drew it as a present for my friend for her birthday, and It still remains on of my favourite drawings I've done to date.

Sorry if that was a bit boring! A recipe should be following shortly.