Thursday, 22 March 2012


Firstly, I want to send out a HUGE apology for not posting last week and for being so late this week, anyone who's done art GCSE will understand. Anyway, I thought that the only way in which I could appropriately apologise is to give you not one but two absolutely fantastic recipes this week, though I'm going to put them into two separate posts, so that they will be easier to find in the archives. Is that better?

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago when I was talking about my (awesome) birthday, I mentioned how Nick (my mum's boyfriend) and his family gave me a waffle iron. Well, over the weekend, my friend Sophia came to stay and on Sunday morning, we decided to put my new waffle Iron to the test. We then decided to shoot two birds with one stone and use my new Kitchenaid as well. Within about ten minutes, our ingredients were out and our two high tech appliances to the test. Six waffles each (twelve overall) later, we decided that maybe we should have halved the recipe or at least offered some to the rest of the house. Nevertheless, despite the practically exploding tummies we both agreed that they were extremely yummy!

Bare Necessities
2cups Flour
2tsp Baking Powder
2tbsp Sugar
1tsp Salt
2cups Milk
2 Eggs
2tbsp Olive Oil

1. Combine the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt.
2. Add the milk, eggs and olive oil.
3. Beat until the mixture is totally smooth and there are no lumps
4. Pour some of the mixture onto your heated waffle iron (I don't know how much that will be, it all depends on the size of your waffle iron) and cook the mixture until golden brown.
5. Serve up with Nutella, maple syrup, golden syrup, sugar or even butter!