Monday, 23 January 2017

Apple Jelly

I know what you're thinking. Apply Jelly? Are you sure? Well, to be perfectly honest, no, I'm not. I saw it in my old cookery book and thought it would be worth a try. As it turns out, it's quite nice! It's not like your modern day jellies, because its not transparent, and it doesn't have anything aritificial in. It's literally stewed apple, pushed through a sieve and jellified. It was also the first jelly I've ever made and I really enjoyed myself! Here is the recipe I was working from:

In the recipe, it mentions using powdered gelatine, with the 2tbsp of water for dissolving it in. However, I only managed to find sheet gelatine, which you soften in cold water and then add to the recipe, so I've adjusted my ingredients accordingly. It does also say in the original recipe what proportions to use with the Gelatine, however I found it to be too stiff because I didn't have a hair sieve, only a normal one, so I've reduced it slightly so that the jelly will have more wibble-wobble.

Apple Jelly (serves 2)
Bare Necessities:
1lb/450g Apples
2oz/60g Sugar
1piece Lemon Rind
1/2pint/1cup/250ml Water
6g Gelatine

1. Peel and slice the apples, taking care to remove all of the skin and core.
2. Pop them in the pan, along with the sugar, lemon rind and water.
3. Put the lid on the pan and stew until soft.
4. Rub the stewed apple through a sieve. It seems like it won't all go through, but trust me, it will. Just remember to scrape off the under side of the sieve every once in a while.
5. Follow the instructions on the packet of gelatine and then add to the apple puree.
6. Stir until the gelatine is fully combined and then pour into your mould. I didn't have a mould so I just used two glasses.
7. Pop in the fridge until the Jelly is stiff and enjoy!