Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Nectarine Ice Cream

Most people who know me know that I'm not a summer person. I don't do well with the heat, the bugs, or the sun. In fact, I think that there are only 2 redeeming features of summer; Pimms and ice cream. I might tackle Pimms another day, but today I'm doing nectarine ice cream. Chocolate ice creams are great, but nothing beats the refreshment that a fruit ice cream like this one provides. I've used nectarines here, but you could easily substitute them for peaches, just make sure you peel the peaches when you slice them up.

Nectarine Ice Cream
The Bear Necessities
600g Nectarines (roughly 5 nectarines)
125ml/1/2cup Water
150g/2/3cup Sugar
150ml Sour Cream
300ml Double Cream
1/4tsp Vanilla extract

1. Slice the nectarines in half to remove the stones and chop the nectarines into medium sized chunks.
2. Put the nectarines pieces into a medium saucepan with the water.
3. Cover and put on a medium until soft and cooked through (approximately 10 minutes).
4. Once cooked, take the saucepan off the heat, stir in the sugar and allow to cool (or if, like me, you're impatient, put it in an ice bath).
5. Once cooled, put the nectarines, their juices, the sour cream, double cream and vanilla extract into a food processor.
6. Blitz the mixture, but not until it's smooth, leave a few lumps in there to add texture. Unless, of course, you prefer a totally smooth ice cream.
7. Pour the mixture into the ice cream machine and follow the manufacture's instructions.
8. Freeze until you want to eat it, or serve up and enjoy!!