Tuesday, 25 October 2011

First Post!

Hi! My name is Aoife (pronounced EE-FA) Bear Casson (yes my middle name is actually Bear, no, I'm not taking the piss), I'm (almost) 16 years old and I'm taking my GCSE/IGCSE's at the end of this year (eek!). I have a puppy called Alfie (AKA floor cleaner extraordinaire), an older brother called Freddie who never stops eating and a mother called Charlotte who shares my love for cooking.

Hmmm, my interests, well, I have many, so here are a few: I love cooking, drawing (especially Manga), maths (but I'm NOT a geek, promise!), gadgets (ok, so maybe I am a bit), music, singing, photography, crafts, poetry, writing short stories, card games, and looking after my dog. From time to time a may post a couple photos that I've taken, some pictures of my dog or maybe some drawings. When I'm older, I really hope to become a TV advert designer (fingers crossed). 

I usually test my food on any willing subjects, which tends to by my mother, brother, visiting friends and family and any neighbours who happen to be floating about.

For quite a while I have been thinking about starting a cooking blog after following Diamonds For Dessert and Smitten Kitchen, but I only recently decided to 'just do it' and start one myself. I guess I chose the name as a kind of pun, because, although I don't actually cook 'bare', my middle name is Bear, and I don't like to use those ridiculous ingredients that you see in those posh cooking books and cost a fortune and are impossible to find, I just prefer to use the stuff that's easy to find and cheap (the BARE essentials you might say). Ok I'll admit it, it is a terrible pun, but it was all I could think of, so it will have to do!

The next post will actually be a recipe, not just me rambling (though there may be some of that too, so be warned), I hope you like it! :)